Winnipeg-Churchill : Onboard

Classes and services available

Economy Class

  • Comfortable seats with headrest.
  • You can stretch out your legs, read as much as you want or enjoy a snooze.
  • Full-course meals snack and drinks available for purchase.
  • Possibility to purchase a blanket and pillow kit for $10.00 which includes a polar fleece blanket, earplugs, a neck pillow and eyeshades

Sleeper Class

Cosy accommodations in a berth, Cabin for one, two, three or four people. All include:

  • In room touches including Shower kit and Ear Plugs.
  • Access to an on-board shower.

Upper and Lower Berth

Upper and Lower berth are semi-private, with wide couch style seats facing each other. At night, they convert to upper and lower beds with reading lights and heavy curtains for privacy. Showers and washrooms are just a few steps away.

By day, the two berths transform into two double seats that face each other. A table is available upon request.

By night, the double seats give way to two cosy, comfortable beds, each equipped with a reinforced privacy curtain. Washroom and shower facilities are located only a few metres away in the same car.

The main difference between the upper and lower berth is that the lower berth always gets a forward facing seat during the day and the upper berth does not have a window.

Cabin for One

A private one-person room with a comfortable seat, picture window, call button, wash basin, power outlet, concealed toilet and vanity. At night, it becomes a snug sleeping area.

Each bedroom includes a fan, electrical outlet, private washroom, sink and mirror. The door locks from the inside and the shower is only a few metres down the hall.

Cabin for Two

By day, a private room for two, with armchairs, a large picture window, small closet, wash basin, power outlet, vanity, separate toilet, and foldout table on request. At night, it converts to upper and lower beds. Some bedrooms can be combined into a suite.

Cabin for Three

The triple bedroom is the largest type of bedroom accommodation available aboard our trains. Each features a sofa and two armchairs. By night, you will snuggle into one of three bunks, one upper and two lower.

The cabin for 3 comes complete with a small closet, fan, electrical outlet, private washroom, sink and mirror. If required, an attendant will be pleased to set up a small table for you during the day. The door locks from the inside and the shower is only a few metres down the hall. Please contact us to request rates for a cabin for 3.


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