Spain : AVE


Travelling on Spain's AVE high speed trains literally is high speed. AVE- Alta Velocidad Española literally means Spanish High Speed train and the word ave is Spanish for bird, reinforcing the speed and ease of travelling. The AVE trains are the most modern of all European high speed trains and reaching speeds of 300km/h.

Routing Travel Time Frequency (daily)
Madrid Puerta de Atocha-Barcelona Sants 2h38 52
Madrid Puerta de Atocha-Sevilla Santa Justa 2h20 40
Madrid Puerta de Atocha-Córdoba Central 1h44 56
Madrid Puerta de Atocha-Zaragoza Delicias 1h18 38
Madrid Puerta de Atocha-Málaga María Zambrano 2h30 6
Sevilla Santa Justa-Zaragoza Delicias 3h48 2
Málaga-Zaragoza Delicias 3h41 2
Barcelona Sants-Málaga 5h45 2
Barcelona Sants-Sevilla Santa Justa 5h37 2

3 classes of service


  • Bar-buffet car with souvenir shop, snacks and drinks
  • Phone booths
  • Nursery area
  • Meeting area

Preferente (1st Class)

  • Meal at your seat (menu)
  • Daily Newspapers and "Paisajes" (Sceneries) magazine
  • Audio/video
  • Free parking (24 hours for one way trip, 48 hours for roundtrip)
  • Access to AVE lounges (Sala Club in Tarragona, Madrid Chamartín, Madrid Puerta de Atocha, Málaga María Zambrano, Córdoba, Sevilla Santa Justa, Valladolid Campo Grande, Zaragoza Delicias, LleidaPirineus and Barcelona-Sants).

Turista Plus (1st Class)

  • Daily Newspapers and "Paisajes" (Sceneries) magazine
  • Audio/video

Turista (2nd Class)

  • Family area
  • Children's board games
  • Wheelchair facilities
  • Audio/video

Food & drink


This service is provided on all AVE trains and generally on Long Distance trains.

This is a meeting point and a recreation area where you can enjoy a coffee or soft drink and an extensive range of food. 

Trolley Service

In addition to the cafeteria, some designated Renfe AVE and Long Distance trains have a trolley service that lets customers buy food at their own seats without having to get up. This service has a broad selection of combo menus and cold and hot beverages.

  • This service will be provided every day on all AVE and Euromed trains in Tourist and Tourist+ classes.
  • The service will only be provided on Saturdays on all AVE and Euromed trains in First class.
  • The daily Long Distance trains selected by Renfe Viajeros will provide this Trolley Service every day in all classes.