AVE : Overview


Travelling on Spain's AVE high speed trains literally is high speed. AVE- Alta Velocidad Española literally means Spanish High Speed train and the word ave is Spanish for bird, reinforcing the speed and ease of travelling. The AVE trains are the most modern of all European high speed trains and reaching speeds of 300km/h.

Routing Travel Time Frequency
Madrid-Valladolid 1 h 11 6
Madrid-Figueres 4 h 10 2
Barcelona-Zaragoza 1 h 29 19
Madrid-Cordoba 1 h 44 24
Madrid-Sevilla 2 h 20 20
Madrid-Barcelona 2 h 38 24
Madrid-Málaga 2 h 25 13
Barcelona-Valencia 2 h 59 7

Passholder Fares explained:

There is only 1 type of passholder fare available on the AVE train

  • Passholder fares are valid for passengers carrying a Eurail Pass including Spain.


  • AVE can be reserved 60 days prior to the train departure date.
  • Reservations are compulsory.
  • Eurail Passholders are welcome, however a seat reservation fee is payable
  • Ticket control and passport checks will occur before boarding AVE trains.
  • It is open 30 minutes before the train leaves and is closed 2 minutes before departure.