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Up to 91% off Germany year-round! Specials

Up to 91% off Germany year-round!



Super Sparpreis fares are point to point rail fares in Germany offering up to 91% off the standard rate! They are available year-round (subject to availability) and are instant purchase. Deutsche Bahn (DB) offers these fares year-round in first and second class, allowing travellers to experience Germany at speeds of up to 320km/h for less! 

Popular Routes:

to/from 1st Class 2nd Class 1st Class 2nd Class Travel Time
Berlin - Munich $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 3h58m
Frankfurt Airport - Cologne $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 50m
Berlin - Frankfurt $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 4h08m
Munich - Nuremberg $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 1h04m
Berlin - Dresden $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 2h08m
Heidelberg - Stuttgart* $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 1h40m
Hannover - Munich $51.00 $42.00 $54.00 $45.00 4h34m

*Price does not include seat reservations

1st Class

  • 2+1 seats in each row
  • Comfortable reclining leather seats with folding tables
  • At seat food service trolley offering snacks and hot & cold drinks for purchase
  • Quiet zones available
  • Air conditioning
  • Power sockets at all seats

2nd Class

  • Reclining seats with folding tables
  • Trolley service with beverages

Other Amenities

  • At seat power sockets
  • Dining car
  • Free WIFI
  • ICE Portal - free on board information & entertainment. Stream free of charge. 

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InterCity (IC) / EuroCity (EC)

IC trains travel in Germany. EuroCity trains travel between Germany and neighbouring countries.


  • Open-plan cars in 1st and 2nd class
  • Compartment type seating in 1st and 2nd class
  • Power sockets in 1st class compartments
  • Onboard bistro
  • Food service trolley offering snacks and hot & cold drinks for purchase


  • Reservations are not required but are recommended to ensure the passenger has a seat