Italy- NTV Italo : Overview


Italo is the commercial name of the high speed trains operated by NTV Company (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori). NTV is the first private rail operator on the Italian high speed network. NTV Trains are new trains that offer e-tickets. They have been operating in Italy since 2012.

Routing Travel Time Frequency
Rome - Florence 1hr 27 20 per day
Rome - Milan 2h 45 17 per day
Rome - Naples 1hr 08 10 per day
Milan - Florence 5hr 56 14 per day
Florence – Naples 2hr 42 5 per day
Bologna - Rome 2hr 12 8 per day
Milan - Naples 4hr 46 5 per day
Rome - Turin 4hr 15 6 per day
Rome - Venice 3hr 50 5 per day
Venice - Naples 4hr 50 1 per day

Note: This is a private train, there are NO passholder fares.


The NTV Italo trains stop at the following stations only:

  • Milan Porta Garibaldi
  • Milan Rogoredo
  • Bologna Centrale
  • Rome Ostiense
  • Rome Tiburtina
  • Rome Termini (only 2 services a day)
  • Florence SMN
  • Naples Centrale
  • Salerno Centrale
  • Venice Santa Lucia
  • Venice Mestre
  • Turin Porta Susa
  • Padova Centrale


  • NTV Italo can be reserved 5 months prior to the train departure date.
  • These are instant purchase fares.
  • E-tickets are issued with a PNR number not passenger names. Your e-ticket will be sent to you via email.
  • No check-in is required before boarding.
  • These trains are separate to Trenitalia. If you require assistance locally you must go to the Italo help desk at the above stations.
  • If you have an Italo ticket from/to Florence, you can enjoy free travel on the buses and trams on the Ataf network in the 24 hours before or after your travel date.
  • Children: Infants under 30 months of age travel free of charge when sitting on a parent's lap. Children
    0-13 years who require a seat may be offered a discounted rate, depending on the fare booked.