OBB Night Trains : Onboard

Onboard OBB Trains


Sleepers are the most comfortable option onboard OBB's night trains.

Depending on the design of the used wagons, you have the choice between these sleeper cabin classes:

Deluxe Sleeper

  • Single Deluxe, Double Deluxe, T3 Deluxe
  • One, two or three beds per compartment with private wash basin, toilet and shower

Standard Sleeper

  • Single Sleeper, Double Sleeper, T3 Sleeper
  • One to three beds (T3) per compartment
  • Each compartment contains a small washbasin with towels and toiletries

Fare includes: 

  • welcome drink
  • welcome bag
  • freshly made bed including blanket, sheets and pillow, towels and toiletries (including soap, slippers and earplugs)
  • wake-up service at a specified time
  • a la carte breakfast with a hot beverage (free refill included)


Couchettes (pronounced koo-shet) are perfect for groups, families or price-conscious travellers. 

  • Six beds per compartment with lavatories and toilets available in each coach (not within the compartment)
  • Blankets, sheets and pillow with fresh covers
  • "Viennese breakfast - tea or coffee, roll, butter & jam - and mineral water included
  • Fare includes mineral water in the evening and wake-up service and breakfast in the morning

Reclining Seats

The most affordable way to travel onboard OBB's night trains

  • Six seats per compartment with lavatories and toilets available in each car

Not all accommodations are available on all routes.