Paris - Berlin - Moscow : Overview

Paris - Berlin - Moscow


Foreigners are NOT permitted to cross the land border between Belarus and Russia. Do not enter or exit Belarus by the land border with Russia. Travel between Belarus and Russia by air.

Travelling from Paris to Moscow by train is more than a trip, it's an unforgettable experience.

About the journey

This overnight train service travels from Paris Gare de l'Est to Moscow Bellorusskaya Station via Berlin HBF. Please note: there is a short 20 minute layover in Berlin.

  • This train runs three times a week year-round.
  • Ticket control and passport checks will occur before boarding and opens 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • There are no passholder fares available for this train


Routes & Dates
Train No. Route Frequency
453/24 Paris-Moscow Departs Paris every Thursday at 18:58, arrives on Saturday at 11:45
23/452 Moscow-Paris Departs Moscow every Tuesday at 20:00, arrives on Thursday at 09:33
  • Departures from Paris will arrive Berlin the following day, and Moscow the third day. For example, departing Paris on Thursday, arrive Berlin Friday, arrive Moscow Saturday.
  • Departures from Moscow will arrive Berlin the following day, and Paris the third day. For example, departing Moscow on Tuesday, arrive Berlin Wednesday, depart Berlin Wednesday, arrive Paris Thursday.


  • Rail Plus does not take responsibility for ensuring that required visas are obtained prior to travel.
  • Paris - Moscow Night Train can be reserved 45 days in advance.
  • Fares are subject to availability.