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Western Europe by rail for less

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  • 3rd September - 1st October 2019

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  • 10th September - 14th December 2019

Popular Routes

  Route From price


Paris to/from Frankfurt............3h38m

1st Class AUD83 | NZD88

2nd Class AUD66 | NZD70


Paris to/from Munich...............5h41m

1st Class AUD83 | NZD88

2nd Class AUD66 | NZD70


Paris to/from Luxembourg.......2h12m

1st Class AUD71 | NZD75

2nd Class AUD64 | NZD68


Frankfurt to/from Avignon.......7h10m

1st Class AUD83 | NZD88

2nd Class AUD66 | NZD70


Frankfurt to/from Lyon............5h58m

1st Class AUD83 | NZD88

2nd Class AUD66 | NZD70


Strasbourg to/from Munich......3h50m

1st Class AUD66 | NZD70

2nd Class AUD49 | NZD52

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The high-speed TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) trains connect over 150 cities and towns in France. TGV has proudly served been operating since 1981. A journey from Paris to Bordeaux will take only 3 hours on these trains as they travel up to 300km/h. For 20 years it has regularly linked more than 230 destinations in France and Europe safely, quickly and comfortably.

Some destinations can also be reached directly from Charles de Gaulle Airport, which has its own train station connecting to the rail network of France.

Travel Details

Routing Travel Times Frequency (Daily)
Paris - Lyon 1hr 57mins 27
Paris - Bordeaux 3hrs 05mins 23
Paris - Avignon 2hrs 40mins 18
Paris - Strasbourg 2hrs 17mins 16
Paris - Lille 1hr 02mins 6
Paris - Geneva 3hrs 25mins 6
Paris - Toulouse 5hrs 26mins 5
Paris - Basel 3hrs 27mins 4
Paris - Lausanne 3hrs 54mins 4
Paris - Zurich 4hrs 20mins 3


  • TGV trains can be reserved 90 days prior to the train departure date.
  • Reservations are compulsory. All single tickets purchased include a seat reservation in the price. Tickets need to be validated using the automatic stamping machines at the beginning of the platform prior to boarding the train.
  • Eurail Passholders are welcome. However a seat reservation fee is compulsory.

Ticket validation

  • Validation of the ticket before boarding is mandatory in France only
  • Travellers will find yellow automatic stamping machines at the entrance of the platform prior to entering the train.