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Naples travel agent tips

Staff member: Jess and Amanda // Trip date: Dec 2018

We arrived in Naples after a three-hour train ride on the fast train from Florence. Excited for the birthplace of pizza, we grabbed our bags, hopped off the train, and high tailed it to our hotel for the night. Luckily, our hotel was just opposite the train station.

After checking in and dropping off our bags, we walked down to the metro for a stop at Toledo station. Toledo Metro station has been named one of the most impressive metro stations in Europe by CNN, and it did not disappoint!

Once we got our fix of the metro station, we took the escalator up to explore the city. The Christmas markets were on, and Naples was full to the brim of Italians coming from all over the country for the opening weekend of the Christmas markets. We made our way through the crowds, down alleys strung with Christmas lights and filled with ornaments for sale. Being in Naples, we knew exactly what we wanted to eat – pizza, of course!

We found ourselves at a local Italian restaurant with outside seating and a long menu filled with pizza and drinks. After ordering Aperol spritz and a pizza each, we filled our glasses with sparkling water and relaxed in our seats. The pizzas were served quickly, uncut and perfectly warm. Upon first bite, Jess and I locked eyes and knew that this was one of the best pizzas we’ve ever eaten.

Once our pizzas were devoured (it didn’t take long), we walked the long way back to our hotel to work through our bellies full of pizza.

The next morning, after another filling buffet brekky, we took the long way to the best pizzeria in Italy, called Sorbillo. Gino Sorbillo won an award a few years back for the best pizza in the city that literally invented pizza – we couldn’t visit Naples without having a pizza at Sorbillo! We arrived to the restaurant about half-past eleven, and waited in a line full of anxious and hungry locals and tourists, all waiting patiently for their fresh pizzas.

At noon, the doors swung open, and a young man directed all the hungry customers to tables, where we were each served promptly. Jess and I ordered our pizzas and wine, and waited less than ten minutes before we were served big, hot, steaming pizza pies. That’s amore!

The pizza was bubbly, the perfect lightness, and was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten. I highly recommend a trip to Sorbillo if you visit Naples!

Once we devoured our pizzas (which again, didn’t take long), we walked the long way back to our hotel, checked out, and headed to the train station for our next destination – Rome!

All About Naples

  • The train station has some great shops where you can buy souvenirs, snacks, and drinks for your train trip. Make sure to allow time to stock up!
  • Travel agent tip: Try out the less famous restaurants – the pizza everywhere in Naples is amazing, and the local restaurants are much less crowded.
  • I’d recommend at least two full days in Naples to have time to see most of the highlights.
  • Go to Sorbillo Pizzeria to try one of the most awarded pizzerias in Italy!

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