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Staff member: Jess and Amanda // Trip date: Nov 2018

We arrived in Venice around noon, ready to explore! Starting with a water taxi, we cruised through the canals and under the bridges of Venice, in awe of all the tiny islands and the water lapping at the front doors of hotels and apartment buildings. Once we were dropped off at Saint Mark’s Square, we walked a short distance to our hotel, checked in, and got ready for a city tour.

Our guide met us at our hotel, and we spent the next three hours walking through alleys and learning fascinating history about Venice. I was surprised to learn that it is known to locals to be bad luck to walk between the two columns in Saint Marks Square, as that is an old execution site.

After the tour, we went to my favorite pizzeria, Rosso Pomodoro, for dinner. Exhausted from the long flight and the walking, we each ordered a pizza and a wine and were almost drooling by the time it came out. Nothing beats bubbly, chewy, Italian pizza with a side of red!

We went back to our hotel after dinner and had an early night, so that we could try to beat the jet lag and get up early for some sunrise photos. The next morning, we woke up before the sunrise and went downstairs for the most beautiful buffet breakfast, complete with barista coffee, fresh fruits, and chocolate-infused croissants. After a leisurely breakfast, we grabbed our cameras and made a plan to get lost in the little city of floating islands.

We wandered through the canals, through Saint Marks Square and under the bell tower, taking loads of photos and stopping every few minutes to look inside a shop or a café. After some time walking through the canals, we went on the hunt for an insta-famous spot called Aqua Alta Café. This is a bookstore filled to the brim with all sorts of books, old and new. The backyard contains a staircase made out of books, which you can climb to see amazing views of the little canal behind the bookshop.

After browsing the bookstore, taking loads of photos, and sending off postcards, we walked back to our hotel just in time for check out and to head to the train station for our next destination – Milan!

All About Venice

  • The train station has a beautiful view of the canals and Venice; make sure to grab a photo!
  • Travel agent tip: Try Rosso Pomodoro, right next to St Marks Square.
  • I’d recommend at least two nights and one full day in Venice to really experience its magic.
  • For a fun pasta experience, head to Dal Morro’s Fresh Pasta to go, where you’ll get a takeaway pasta which you can eat outside with canal views!

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