Spanish Train Strike - Renfe services 31st July

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Rail Europe would like to inform you that due to a RENFE strike on the Spanish Railways, High speed/Long distance and Avant trains traffic may  be disturbed on 31st July 2019, from 00:00 to 23:00. AFTER-SALES MEASURES FOR HIGH SPEED / LONG DISTANCE TRAINS

1.- Customers affected by suppressed trains or who don’t want to travel in a strike day will be refunded with the whole amount of the tickets, with no cancellation fee. 
2.- They can also be supplied with a new ticket for a new date or train, free of charge.

3.- For the customers who want to travel in a strike day, it will be taken into account: 
• When possible, they will be offered to travel in another train with the same conditions of their previous ticket. 
• If the offered ticket is a lower class one, the difference between both tickets will be refunded. 
• If the offered ticket is an upper class one, no difference will be paid, except for bed’s places.


 Refund request must be submitted to Rail Europe 60 days from the original travel date 

 Please indicate "RENFE STRIKE on July 31st 2019" as the "Subject" of your case 

Tickets must be endorsed as unused by the railways in order for a refund to be considered and original ticket returned to Rail Europe. 

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